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UPDATE: The full Transpose collection with 108 images is now available.

Abstract painting provides a creative escape for me. I love the organic exploration of color and texture and how the mix of those can evoke different types of feelings and ideas. Every single piece in Transpose is based on an original abstract painting of mine. I scan it in at high resolution to get all the nice details of how the paint flows and mixes. Then I digitally process the paint images, emphasizing the colors and texture as well as experimenting with different coloring techniques until it's exactly how I want it.

About Transpose
  • 18 total pieces – 6 on white BG, 6 on dark BG and 6 in B&W)
  • High Resolution – Variety of proportions, but long edge is always 7000px (23.3in)
  • Unique – Bring an unique feel to any project (album art, concert poster/flyer, branding/identity imagery, packaging, etc.)
  • FREE! – Transpose is free for a limited time
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